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'''Screwtape''' is a Character (arts)|fictional name for a devil in the non-fiction book ''The Screwtape Letters'' (1942) and its sequel short story ''Screwtape Proposes a Toast'' (1959), both written by the Christianity|Christian author C. S. Lewis. '''''Screwtape''''' is also the title of the theatrical adaptation|stage adaptation of the ''Letters'' by James Forsyth (originally ''Dear Wormwood'', 1961). Screwtape is a Senior temptation|Tempter and the Undersecretary of his department, in what is envisaged as a sort of infernal Civil Service. The ''Letters'' are his side of the correspondence with his nephew Wormwood, as mentorship|mentor to the young devil who is charged with the guidance of one man. The ''Toast'' is Screwtape's after-dinner speech at the Tempters' Training College and is a satire on American and British or English public...